Stegosaurus Food Art

It’s been a while since I’ve done any food art, but in honor of our dinosaur theme I decided it was time to get creative!  These stegosauruses came out both adorable and delicious, and were a big hit with all three kids!

I based my stegosaurus on one I’d previously seen at Mom on Time Out.  For R and H, I used vanilla protein waffles (so delicious!) for the body.  One half formed the main body and I cut a basic head and tail shape out of the other half.  (Then I ate the rest when the kids weren’t looking!)  I added strawberry and pineapple spikes, cheese stick legs (half a cheese stick made four legs) and a mini brown M&M for the eye.

R and H were both very excited to see the M&M and gobbled it up quickly before I could change my mind.  🙂


J did not have any waffles so I made his stegosaurus using a cheese quesadilla.  (Also delicious).  I love to using cheese quesadillas for food art because they are so easy to cut into various shapes.  (You can see from the photos that my head and tail were a little better formed on the quesadilla stegosaurus.)  Since J loves pineapple I gave his stegosaurus all pineapple spikes and added some baby carrots for legs.  I finished with half a blueberry for an eye.

All three kids were very excited about their dinosaur lunch.  Next week I’m hoping to make them a T-rex!

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