Paper Plate Turkeys

One of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts is this simple and adorable turkey made from a toilet paper roll and a paper plate.  This craft is appropriate for children of all ages and uses materials you probably already have around the house! 

For this craft you will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Orange, red, and brown construction paper
  • Googly eyes or black marker
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Before I introduced this activity to the kids, I cut several paper plates in half to form the turkey’s feathers.  I gave each child half a paper plate, paint, and a paintbrush and they got busy designing the feathers for their turkeys.  I taped the paper plate to the painting surface for the little ones so it didn’t move around while they were painting.


Baby Q was especially excited about painting his turkey!


While our turkey feathers were drying, each child got busy making the turkey’s body.  They glued a piece of brown construction paper over the toilet paper roll to give the turkeys a nice brown color and a more finished look.  (I found that a piece of scotch tape helped the paper stay on while the glue was drying).  Alternately, you can paint the toilet paper roll brown and let it dry.  Either way looks great!

After your toilet paper roll is painted or covered with paper, cut out a beak and snood from construction paper.  Glue or draw eyes, a beak, and a snood/waddle onto the toilet paper roll to make the turkey’s face/body.  The kids were creative in how the positioned the turkey’s features!

Lay the toilet paper rolls flat until the glue is thoroughly dry.  Once the paint and the glue are completely dry, glue the toilet paper roll onto the paper plate to complete your turkey.  A hot glue gun works perfectly for this part of the craft but liquid glue will work also.  If you use liquid glue, I recommend using a paper clip or clothespin at the top and bottom to hold the tube onto the plate until the glue dries.


I have never seen a cuter flock of Thanksgiving turkeys!

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