Hi, I’m Melissa! I’m a teacher-turned-nanny who is passionate about finding awesome activities to do with my kids! I believe play is incredibly important for young children and I’m always looking for new ways to learn through play.

At Just Ask Nanny, I strive to provide meaningful, engaging activities that support children’s natural developmental stages, are fun for kids and caregivers, and offer the opportunity for learning in multiple ways.

I have worked with parents and children for more than 25 years in a variety of roles, including several years as an elementary school teacher and 12 years as a professional nanny.  I love crafting, sensory bins, and learning activities of all kinds and I’m excited to share some of my ideas with you!

In 2017, my sister and I teamed up to bring you even more activities through our store!  You can shop our store or browse the blog with confidence knowing that you are getting high-quality activities that have been kid, mom and nanny approved! You can also find us on Facebook and Pinterest.


I love finding new ways to explore a familiar theme!  For this activity, we set the paintbrushes aside and used DINOSAURS to stamp our papers.   The kids thought this was pretty much the best thing ever!

It’s been a while since I’ve done any food art, but in honor of our dinosaur theme I decided it was time to get creative!  These stegosauruses came out both adorable and delicious, and were a big hit with all three kids!

Crayon rubbing is fast and neat, perfect for pulling out when you have a few minutes before dinner or anytime you need a quick activity for the kids.  To do a crayon rubbing, you only need three things: a crayon with the wrapper peeled off, a textured surface, and a piece of paper. 

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