Watercolor Dinosaur Fossils

Watercolor resist painting is one of my favorite art techniques.  It’s appropriate for all ages, can be adapted to a variety of topics, and is just plain awesome!  Since the kids and I are currently in the middle of our dinosaur unit, I was excited to come up with this fun and adorable fossil craft.

I scoured the internet for simple dinosaur fossil outlines, printed off a couple, then traced the outlines on a separate paper with a white taper candle. I first tried tracing with a white crayon, which works, but you can see that the candle wax resists better and leaves a brighter white line.

Once my fossils were ready, I set up the art center with watercolors (I love THESE for beginning painters), a cup of water, paintbrush, and one of the papers.  I explained to J that as he painted, he would find dinosaur bones hidden on the page.

J jumped right into painting.  As he went, I showed him where he was finding bones and pointed out areas of the paper where he might find more.  J was pleased to uncover a stegosaurus and impatient for him to dry so we could hang him up!

A few days later, I repeated this craft with H and R.  It was their first time using watercolors and they took their painting very seriously!  They were so proud of their finished dinosaurs (Triceratops and T-rex above), they showed them to everyone who came to the house!  I’m sure we’ll be doing some more wax resist watercolor painting very soon.


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