Tissue Paper Indian Corn

blog-titles-2Indian corn crafts are one of my favorite projects.  With the many varieties of Indian corn and its multi-colored kernels in beautiful fall hues, it practically demands to be the focus of some autumn art.  For this simple craft, the kids glued tissue paper “kernels” onto their cobs.

You will need:p1020719

  • Tissue paper squares in Indian corn colors (I used yellow, white, tan, black, red, turquoise, and orange)
  • Liquid glue
  • Yellow paper (for the corn cobs)
  • Green paper (for the corn husk)
  • Corn template (optional)
  • Scissors

Before you begin, draw or trace a corn cob onto the yellow paper and a husk onto the green paper.  (I used a template I adapted from this one by turning it into two separate templates–one for the cob and one for the husks).  Depending on your child’s skill with scissors and desire to cut, either cut out the cob and husk or have your child cut them out.

Now you’re ready to have fun!  Since we usually use tissue paper for stained glass projects where we press the squares flat, I demonstrated how to crumple up a piece of tissue paper and glue it to the cob.  Then, I gave each child a corn cob, glue bottle (glue sticks don’t work as well for this craft), and a pile of tissue paper squares and they got busy.tissue-paper-indian-cornM (recently 3) was finished so quickly I didn’t even get a photo, but the other kids worked diligently on filling their cobs.  I was actually surprised by how long they stayed quietly focused on choosing and placing their tissue paper squares.

Even Baby Q got involved.  I thought he might enjoy crumpling up the paper and pushing it down but he was much more interested in tearing it up which worked for me.  A small pile of tissue paper squares kept him happily engaged for a while.

When the older kids finished, they glued their corn cobs onto the green husks.  I now realize that we should have glued the cobs onto the husks before they were covered with tissue paper kernels–it would have been much easier.  Next time I do this project, I’ll try to remember to have the kids glue the cobs to the husks first.

Aside from that minor difficulty, this was a very easy, inexpensive craft that all the kids were able to complete independently and I think they turned out fabulously!


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