Play Dough Dinosaur Eggs

Following the great popularity of our dinosaur sensory bin and R and H’s delight in hiding and finding the little dinosaurs in the sand, I decided to expand this activity by hiding dinosaurs in play dough “eggs” for them to discover.

I gathered up our miniature dinosaurs and some homemade play dough I had on hand. I folded the dinosaurs into the play dough and attempted to form them into egg shapes.  Then I set out the eggs and some “excavating tools” on our activity trays and invited the kids to come explore.

R and H (2 years 10 months) had a fabulous time exploring the eggs and opening them to discover the dinosaurs hidden inside.  They went through the first batch of eggs pretty quickly so I spent the next half hour re-forming eggs for them to open again . . . and again . . . and again.  This activity gets five stars from me for being fast, easy, inexpensive, easy to clean up, and kid-approved!


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