Painting with Dinosaurs

I love finding new ways to explore a familiar theme!  For this activity, we set the paintbrushes aside and used DINOSAURS to stamp our papers.   The kids thought this was pretty much the best thing ever!

While the boys were playing, I gathered some dinosaurs from our dinosaur sensory bin.  I tried to choose dinosaurs I thought would make clear footprints on our papers but as it turned out, by the time R and H were done painting, any dinosaur footprints they might have made were no longer discernible!

I poured green, orange, and brown paint (these seemed like good dinosaur-y colors 🙂 )  onto paper plates and put a few dinosaurs on each plate before inviting R and H to join me at our craft table.  I demonstrated how to press a dinosaur into the paint and then press it onto the paper.  The boys were eager to get started and immediately began stamping dinosaur footprints on their papers.

It didn’t take long for stamping to become more enthusiastic STOMPING.  So of course we had to play Laurie Berkner’s song “We are the Dinosaurs” and march the dinosaurs around the paper to the tune.  Pretty soon more than their papers were covered with paint!

This ended up being process art more than the “dinosaur tracks” art I was aiming for but R and H absolutely LOVED it and were entertained for a long time.

Although we did make a pretty big mess, clean up didn’t take long–after washing hands and arms, I changed the kids into clean clothes, threw away the paper plates, tossed the dinosaurs into a tub of soapy water and wiped off the craft table.

I put down our drop cloth and let the boys “bathe” the dinosaurs while I got their lunch ready.  They got pretty wet and required a second change of clothes but surprisingly got most of the dinosaurs as clean as I could have . . . and they definitely had more fun doing it!

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