Marble Painted Mummies

Marble Painted Mummy Halloween CraftThese little mummies are as easy to make as they are cute!  No matter how many times we do marble painting, it’s always a hit with my kids.  It’s just so much fun to shake and roll the marbles through the paint and watch as the paper gets covered with painted lines!

For this project, you will needp1020450

  • Black paper
  • White paint
  • Marbles (I used the big ones)
  • Mummy template
  • White pencil or crayon
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes (not pictured)
  • Glue (not pictured)
  • Box to contain the marbles while painting (not pictured)

p1020452Before we got started, I traced my mummy template (a cute little gingerbread man shape) onto black paper.  This step can also be done after painting, once the paint has dried.  If you trace in advance like me, wait to cut the mummies out until after painting to protect them from sliding around and getting crumpled up by the marbles.

Now find a container to hold your paper, paint, and marbles.  You want one that is large enough for your paper to lay flat on the bottom of the box.  Normally, I like to use a cardboard box for marble painting (diaper boxes work great!) but since I couldn’t find a single cardboard box when I was setting up this craft p1020525I opted to use a plastic container instead.  I chose one with a lid just in case the painting got wild.

Lay your black paper flat inside your box with the outline facing down and the blank side of the paper up.  Now, invite your child to squeeze some white paint onto the black paper.  I have a tendency to hover and say things like “Whoa, okay, that’s enough,” but for this craft I found that the mummies with the thickest paint came out the cutest.  Add a handful of marbles and you’re ready to roll!

Since my kids are old enough to keep the marbles in the tub, I let them choose whether to have the lid on or off for their painting. The girls tried it both ways but B loved snapping the lid on and going wild!  untitled-design-5The kids didn’t need any encouragement to keep rolling and shaking until their papers were covered although I did show them how to shake the tub both directions to get vertical AND horizontal paint lines on their paper.

compressed-photoAfter the paint dried, we cut out the mummy shapes, following the outline on the back of the paper.  Then I set out glue and googly eyes.  It took only a few minutes for the kids to glue on the eyes and our mummies were officially finished.   Our mummies may not be particularly accurate but we certainly had fun making them!

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