Crayon Rubbing Dinosaur Craft

Crayon rubbing is fast and neat, perfect for pulling out when you have a few minutes before dinner or anytime you need a quick activity for the kids.  To do a crayon rubbing, you only need three things: a crayon with the wrapper peeled off, a textured surface, and a piece of paper.  For this activity I wanted to introduce crayon rubbing to R and H while still exploring our dinosaur theme.

First, I gathered some flat, textured materials I thought would work well for our crayon rubbings.  I tried out quite a few, but the ones that worked best were a disposable aluminum pan, splatter guard, and textured folder (all from Dollar Tree), and a cutting board we had on hand.  The block base plate made a neat polka-dot pattern but was too small for the boys to use independently.

I printed off some dinosaur templates from Stay at Home Educator and let the boys choose a dinosaur and rubbing surface.  I taped the papers down to keep them still and the kids started coloring.

R was very excited about the texture and loved rolling the crayon back and forth to feel the bumpiness of the cutting board under his paper.  H was much more interested in choosing the colors and commenting on his triceratops.

When they finished, I offered R and H new papers and new textured surfaces.  They explored the new items for a few minutes but lost interest before finishing another dinosaur.  I cut out the dinosaurs they did finish and drew on eyes before hanging them up for everyone to admire.  Overall, this activity held their interest for about 15 minutes–not too bad for something requiring so little set up and almost no clean up.  It’s definitely an activity I’ll hold onto to pull out another day.

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